Passport & Visa

Travellers need a passport for Cape Verde that is valid for at least 6 month longer than the trip lasts.  You need no more a Visa.


For Cape Verde no special vaccinations are needed. Ask in your Country at the Situation has changed.

Medical care

On all Island are quite good medical care. Also, there are pharmacies that are well sorted. Remember, however Cape Verde can not offer anything what can offer Europe or other countries. Make sure there is something to himself.

Importantly in this country, sun lotion, mosquito protection, medicines against Diarrhoea and maybe (situation causede) in the humid summer time ( rain season), Paracetamol against Dengue fever.


The currency in Cape Verde ist the cape verdian Escudo. CVE 110 = Euro 1,00. This can partly be already paid in Euros today. Then usually 1:1 is exchanged, because they demand in Exchanges for the bank charges. At the airports as well as in banks the exchange rate is 110.265. Almost all currencies can be exchanged in the local banks. At nearly all banks automats (ATMs) stand for credit cards ready (Visa- and Mastercard). Daily is the level Escudos 40.000,00 = Euros 360,00.


At moment a taxi costs one way Airport Praia – Tarrafal CVE 7.000,00 = Euro 65,00. We can arrange the transfer.


Cotton clothes are still the best for warm zones. For the evening you need a waistcoat or a long arm shirt comfortable shoes would be good also. Don’t forget headgear and sun glasses.


Cape Verde has a pleasant, all-season not to hot weather.

It is during the months: November to June semitropical drily (influence Sahel zone).
During the months July to October tropical-humid (rain season).

Rain is urgently welcome in this time and also urgently necessary. Yearly passed away from few, moderate to good precipitation. Can be quite different from island to island.

The average temperatures in degree Celsius

Jan. Fevr. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec
morning 21 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 – 31 28 – 31 26 24 23
day 25 24 25 26 27 28 29 29 – 31 29 – 32 29 28 26
night 19 18 20 21 22 23 25 27 – 30 27 – 30 25 23 22
water 20 20 21 22 23 23 24 25 – 28 25 – 28 25 23 22

Harmattan hoist (fog by sand of Sahara) Can happen between end of December to beginning of April.

Northeast trade winds arise mostly just during the winter months.

(Also in Cape Verde Weather changes can be felt. Capricious weather are sometimes possible.)