Cape Verde, a small island state in the Atlantic Ocean.


About 500 km to the west of Africa on a level with Senegal


About 1.500 km south of the Canary islands and

about 1.600 km north of the equator consisting of 15 islands, only 9 islands are inhabited.


The northern inhabited islands are Santo Antâo, Sâo Vicente, Sâo Nicolau, Sal and Boa Vista, the non inhabited islands are Santa Luzia, Razo and Branco, are the islands over the wind – Ilhas do Barlavento.


The southern inhabited islands are Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Brava, the non inhabited islands are Ilhéus Secos ou do Rombo, are the islands under the wind – Ilhas do Sotavento.


Santiago Island:  The capital of the Republik of Cape Verde is Praia and lies on the Santiago Island. With about 143.000 citizen it is the largest city and Santiago Island with 991 km2 the biggest island of Cape Verde. Santiago is one of the green Islands.



Other villages on Santiago are


Assomada about 44.300 citizen
Pedra Badejo about 26.500 citizen
Tarrafal about 18.400 citizen
Sâo Miguel-Calheta about 15.600 citizen
Sâo Domingos



about 13.900 citizen


Otherwise the island is settled more thinly and one finds only small villages and accumulations.