The City and the district of Tarrafal has the mildest climate of the whole Santiago Island.


Tarrafal with his about 18.400 inhabitants is on the week-end the prefer places for all Santiago citizen, because
the beach ” Baia Verde “, with his light sand and the palms, probably the nicest bay on this island. During the week the bay is almost deserted.


Two times daily you can watch the fishermen if they come back from the ocean, their fishing nets with the fish bring on land and pass on to the fish-women. Then the fish as quickly as possible resold to customers.


Also the small President bay behind the quay wall, invites to stay.




The City offers a few small restaurants.

Moreover they find 2 banks, 1 post office, the Telecom,
1 hospital, a few pharmacies,
the police, the court, 1 discotheque,
a few smaller supermarkets and a 24-hours opened gas station.

The market hall is openend daily.
There can be bought fruits and vegetable.
On Monday and Thursday is Sucupira.
On these days many saleswomen of the island come in the market hall and offers they products.
It is an interesting experience to have a look in this colorful hustle and bustle.

Otherwise it happens quite cosily.