Beach Baia Verde

The beach from Tarrafal is with his light sand and some cocos palms very nice.


It goes soft down in the ocean and you can get a good bit into the shallow water. For swimming and snorkeling the bay is very well suited. Also for children.




But please remember, around the Cape Verde Islands, there are quite dangerous currents.


Beach President bay

A small bay with light sand just behind the quay wall also invites to spend the day there.




Here are hardly any Tourist to be found. On Weekends like use Cape Verdeans this little beach.



Beautiful hikes or even just walking, offer very good around Tarrafal. It is not only the alpine hike like in Santo Antâo.


In the National Park Serra Malagueta, Pico da Antónia and general on the whole island there are very beautiful hikes to be going well for less and even for experienced hikers.


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If you like controlled hikes, we can arrange good english speaking guides.



Are you interested in local plants? On Santiago Island you find much interestings and endemics.


Round trips

For guests, who would like to explore the island by car, we can offer different round trips. Or I arrange you a car for rent.


The traffic is African!!


Scuba Diving

for diver we have a local diving center. Our Driveservice takes 5 minutes to this place.